A Little Experiment…

New chance for older posts…

What happens to older posts that did not perform well — here on Medium or on your own website?

Or those that stopped generating traffic a long time ago…

Is there a way to give them a new chance to shine or no matter what you’d do, they’re simply going to remain there, in the low-performing posts list?

This is what I’m setting out to discover with this little experiment on Medium.

Is it possible to refresh the engagement for a poorly-performing post by republishing it here, with a new set of tags, or maybe a different title?

I will select the candidates from the posts I published on my main blog — Psychology Corner.

Exclusions will apply for those articles that are no longer live on the website, those that are platform-specific, and those bits of contextual posts that would simply not make it on their own anywhere else because they had a very specific, limited role on the initial platform.

Now, the majority of the posts manage to gain thousands of views — some even go beyond the 100K mark, but my focus for this publishing experiment regards posts with less than 100 views.

I will select three of them, and I will repost them on Medium, making changes if I consider them fit.

Funny enough, the three underperforming posts on Psychology Corner have previously been posted on Medium and I deleted them when I decided to erase everything and start fresh with a new strategy for this platform.

Since republishing is allowed on Medium as long as a single version of an article is live at any given time, I can continue with my test.

It just changed a bit, because now I can also see if a republished Medium post will perform better with a new set of tags, or simply with a new publication date.

I’ll republish and see what happens.

Fly, republished articles, fly…

This article was originally published on an external platform on May 17, 2022.

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