Content Creators: The Best Way To Repurpose Your Articles and Get More Views

Simple and effective.

Turn your articles into simple videos and reach new audiences.

Simple, quick, and effective.

Your articles can get a new life through a new format, on a secondary platform.

And you get a chance to have your content discovered by a new audience.

Minimal graphics and voice-over.

It’s that easy.

Don’t worry, you don’t even have to film anything and for some pieces of content, you may not even need the voice-over.

Short videos that present core elements of information or the steps of a strategy perform incredibly well.

I used this method to summarize several of my articles or to fully create an audio version for them and reposted everything on YouTube and other social media platforms.

The basic, short — less than 60 seconds — , no voice-over video summary for “10 (Psychological) Reasons Why We Like Michael Corleone” surpassed 18K views on YouTube, while the full, 14-minute long, audio version for “Randonautica Explained: A Dark Phenomenon, Predictive of a Dangerous Future” gained more than 8.9K views.

Both videos are also linked to the highest subscriber rates on my channel.

How To Turn Your Article Into a Simple, Yet Effective Video

My method is pretty straightforward and involves minimal resources. Even though I use paid software, the results can be achieved with open-source programs as well.

*None of the links I included below are affiliate links.

The Video Part.

  • It’s a slideshow exported as an HD video using PowerPoint.
  • I use Canva to generate the main images for the slides.
  • Using a brand-specific template for each type of video makes things go even faster. Change the photos, text, and audio, and you’re done.

The Audio Part.

  • You have several options if you choose to incorporate voice-over: record the voice-over yourself, hire a voice-over artist, or use an AI-powered Text-To-Speech software.
  • I recorded the voice-over for several of the videos but since I am not a native English speaker and I do not always have the time and the quiet space to record in, I started using Speechelo to create the audio faster.
  • If you go for Text-To-Speech software, I recommend those that support AI-generated voices since these are closer to human voices and manage to convey the message in a more nuanced form. Depending on your text, there might be some hiccups in the process but that is very rare and considering the resources saved by using this method, it is still all worth it.

Put audio and video together and export the final version.

Post on the social media platform of your choice and get ready to meet new people who share your interests.

Additional Recommendations

  • Include a link to your website below the video and announce it on screen. I notify viewers right away that if they prefer to read the article instead of listening to the audio version, they can access the article link found below the video. Many do exactly that.
  • Don’t worry about production quality and ignore the unjustified negative comments. People want the core information. If your content helps an audience in any way, the rest does not matter. Trust me. My online courses are still slides plus voice-over format-wise and more than 13K people enrolled, in more than 140 countries.
  • Keep in mind that your main goal is to produce more quality content, not better videos. Unless you are truly interested in video production, I think you should be careful not to get caught in the trap that would make you spend more time and resources on growing the wrong platform. Focus on the one you own.

Don’t forget to enjoy the process. The results will come.

This article was originally published on an external platform on May 12, 2022.

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