Deleted Medium Stories

I did it again…

I deleted all my Medium stories, again.

The first time it happened was at the beginning of 2022 and I wrote about it here.

It seems that it is still difficult for me to find a proper place for Medium in my online writing activity.

This week I deleted more than 100 stories — some exclusively posted on Medium, some reposts from my main blogs.

They all got relocated in time on my main blogs though, since I do not believe in relying on platforms that you do not own.

I had decent results here but there was no coherence between my own websites and the way I used Medium. At times it felt like I was spreading myself thin, at other times it seemed like a race to please the algorithm —and I just don’t want to play that game, nor do I have to.

For the main pieces of content, my own blogs continued to provide the most significant results, and the rest were… almost not worth writing. Motivation-wise, I just don’t feel like writing for the algorithm. Here, or anywhere else.

From now on… I am not sure what my strategy on Medium will be — or whether there will be one at all — but what I know for sure is that the old way of doing things made me uncomfortable and limited my motivation to write more.

Onward… wherever that may lead.


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