Don’t Ask Me To Follow You Back on Medium

I won’t.

It’s the SPAM in the comment section.

Use one tag that’s targeted by newbies or bots and you won’t be able to escape the annoying trend.

“Great content. I just followed you so I hope you’ll follow me back”.

Or any other version of a vague, automatic, fits-all, paste-it-everywhere fake praise message, plus the idiotic announcement that they’ve followed you and the emotionally charged request — read manipulative — for you to return the “favor” and follow them back.

Buddy, I couldn’t care less if you follow me or not.

I’m not here for the vanity metrics.

If you’re in the follow-for-follow crowd, chances are we won’t miss each other if… say… one of us would hit the block button.

Go wherever you’re tolerated but I’d prefer it if you’d stop bothering me by SPAMing my profile.

The “Follow me back” people are not interested in your writing.

If you’re here to make it to the “friends with benefits” crowd — writing-wise, hold your horses — then, by all means, follow everyone back or first, in the hopes that they’ll follow you back.

But for me… it’s a stupid game and I don’t want to play it.

I already shared my view on the whole follow-for-follow “method” in a previous story.

I just want the SPAM to go away.

It breaks the flow of the discussions that are sometimes triggered by a piece I write.

It’s an ugly reminder that platforms such as Medium do not exclusively house people interested in sharing valuable content or knowledge with others.


Just… don’t ask me to follow you back.

I won’t!

Thank you for reading.

This article was originally published on an external platform on June 15, 2022.

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