It’s Not Satire If You Keep Rewriting The Same Clickbait Money-Making Article

It’s a scam.

I already covered the topic of “side-hustle gurus” who borrow someone else’s success story to push as much money-making content on the platform and fake expertise in the financial realm.

Now it’s time to address yet another shady practice that found a cozy place on Medium: selling low-quality clickbait content under the “satire” label.

You’ve definitely seen those stories by now.

The structure is the following:

Clickbait Title, that no one knows signals a piece of fiction — read lie: How I Made $87,963 With This One Story”.

Crazy story about having made tons of money. Funny is optional.

Detailed steps on how the reader can achieve the same results.

P.S. in italics: Ha-ha, this is satire. Humour is good for you. Not financial advice.

And yes, humorous pieces are great. Satire exposing the faults of the side-hustle industry is great.

When does it become less-than-great?

When it’s repetitive behavior. A pattern. A scammer’s tool. An MO.

If this is a “writer’s” main type of content — clickbait, misleading, hiding under the satire label, then it’s no longer funny. It’s noise.

These people are taking advantage, repeatedly, of a group, exploiting their vulnerabilities, and yes… their stupidity at times.

But just because a piece of content would only be appealing to feeble-minded or greedy individuals, it doesn’t justify the practice.

You’re still selling a sugar pill to the ill-equipped.

It’s not smart. It’s predatory.

Stop it.

Thank you for reading.

This article was originally published on an external platform on April 26, 2022.

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