Shady Practices of Medium Publications

The exploitation of writers continues.

In previous articles, I already detailed why I never submit any of my stories to Medium publications, and why it is likely that I will keep this decision active unless something significant changes in the way this particular collaboration with writers unfolds on the platform.

Why I Will Never Submit My Stories To Medium Publications

Many of my reasons have to do with the general editor’s attitude toward writers and their own poorly developed skills when it comes to both writing content and curating it.

In fact, many so-called editors don’t do any work at all since, among many other things, you can see so many publications that accept this individual’s and that individual’s entire catalog of submitted stories — zero curation, and also tons of articles with crass mistakes, starting from the title — zero quality check.

A Bad Look for Medium Publications

But there’s one type of behavior exhibited by publication editors that takes the cake when it comes to exploiting writers.

Not only do these content ticks feed on writers’ talent, continuous flow of articles, and their audiences, but they also want money from them for… wait for it… accessing Submission Guidelines.

Yes, you’ve read that correctly. These individuals placed Submission Guidelines behind the paywall.

Is there a lower level of greed?

Give us your unpublished content. Give us your time. Give us your audience. Give us your money when you read the publication. Give us your money when learning how we run the bogus curation of submitted content.”

Basically, that.

And don’t forget to tip the jerk who rejected your story. Who knows? Maybe they’ll be more friendly the next time they see your name in the submissions pile.

I’m still self-publishing here and everywhere else and I love it.

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